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PT. Aman Pratama Elektrindo (APEL) (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

AS Korea SungHo Agent In Indonesia.
Agent and Stockist of SungHo LED Pilot Lamp, Push Button,Selector Switch, Terminal Block,Mini Relay, Timer, CTT, PTT, CTB for CT, Square Lamps , Buzzer, Limit Switch, Thermostat, Panel Heater, Internal Light ,Busbar Support, P-Cover Supporting Bolt and CB Operating Cam Switch .

We sell BMC type of Busbar Support and Insulator , which was widely used among the panel maker due to the outstanding Quality and performance.

We provide all kind of panels internal Wiring Accessories such as Vinyl Cap, Cable lugs, cable Ties, Spiral Wrapping Band, Cable Glands, Hot Marker Tube and other KSS Wiring Accessories.

Our Stock Consist Of Electrical Panel Accessories Such As Breakers, Pilot Lamp, Inverter, Tubing, Cable Ties, Tie Mount, Spiral Wrapping Band, Terminal Block, And Many More.

We Trust Factories Such As Ls, Schneider, Hager, Mitsubishi, Ect. As Our Trusted High-Quality Breakers To Sell.

For Further Information About Our Stock Or Products Available, Please Contact Us:
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 127 - Jakarta Barat 11180
Lt UG A26 no 6&7
Telp/Fax : 021-6232-0053 ; 26071347


Menjadi perusahaan yang solid dan terpercaya dibidang kebutuhan aksesoris panel


Selalu berinovasi, untuk mencapai posisi terdepan dan dapat dipercaya, dengan orientasi yang konsisten terhadap kepuasan pelanggan


Kami merupakan distributor aksesoris panel terkemuka dan terpercaya. Produk yang Kami jual seperti Timer, Sung Ho, Ceiling Light, Relay, Busbar Support, Insulator, Step Insulator, Kunci & Engsel, Safety Plug, Terminal Block, Noise Filter, Cam Switch dan banyak lagi. Kami jual aksesoris panel terlengkap dan termurah.


LTC GLODOK Lt.UG BLOK A26 NO.6&7 JL.HAYAM WURUK NO.127 Jakarta Barat 11180
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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